Friday, October 4, 2013

Good Sensations

After state I thought it would be easy to fall off into a rut. With the way I structured my season my off season occurred in June and July. I was just starting to build up when I hit state. I took a taper to get some good performance when everyone else was peaking, but peak isn't until late April. In the lull after state despite having great fitness, best shape ever by far it is time to hiker down into base building. Building the foundation at a higher level and continuing the upwards trajectory.

I took two days off to enjoy my good race at State and then straight back to it. Doing a mix of threshold work and long rides with just a hair of higher intensity. Also keeping up with the driveway where I got a nice surprise this Thursday in the form of very good legs.

After two hard days, one with 3 hrs or bride 1.5 of which was L4 and another with three hours of variable paced endurance (complete with a 5 minute power record for 7 minutes), I was using the driveway (in the 1234) as a recovery day of sorts. A respite from higher load days but not a rest day.  Similar to a TT stage in a stage race. I was expecting fatigue to hold me back instead I got a very pleasant surprise. Some of the best legs I have ever had.

I started near the back of the race and in the first couple laps moved up to the top ten a couple times I ended up on the front but I pulled through and straight off.  (When riding sans team no putting in work unless you are hankering for a workout or are off the front.) About 10 minutes into the race I was sitting on Kevin Fish's wheel when he punched it. I jumped to try and match it and to my surprise was right on his wheel. The rest of the race followed suit, I was able to bridge to promising looking moves without dragging people and still slot back into the front of the group when caught. On the last lap I was positioned well initially but got spooked by some sketchy riding instead of finding a way through it and ahead of it as I had earlier in the race I dropped back. And found myself on the back side of a small split but won that "sprint"  for a whopping 20th. I feel certain that had I ridden more assertively in that last lap that I could have been top 10 though. Good sign for things to come.

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